IF1200A | Heavy-lift Hexacopter

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IF1200A | Heavy-lift Hexacopter 

Unrivaled Endurance. Limitless Possibilities.

Key Features 

- 43-minute Max Flight Time 

- Universal Payload Interface
- Blue UAS & NDAA Compliant 

- 56 MPH Max Speed
19.1 LBS Max Payload 
- Motor Out Capability

Developed to meet the rigorous standards of the United States Air Force, the IF1200A stands out as a leader in flight time and efficiency for industrial, commercial, and enterprise applications. This heavy-lift hexacopter is the workhorse of the drone industry, offering a safe and reliable platform for various tools needed to accomplish any aerial mission. Certified Blue UAS and NDAA compliant, the IF1200A is trusted by both government and commercial agencies.


To adhere to FAA Part 107 regulations, the IF1200A has a maximum payload capacity of 19.1 lbs, ensuring compliance with the 55 lbs weight limit. With the appropriate certification, the IF1200A can lift payloads of up to 28.7 lbs.


The IF1200A features SAFE drone capability, allowing it to maintain safe and controlled flights even in the unlikely event of a motor failure. In such cases, the IF1200A alerts the operator to land immediately while staying in a safe manual flying configuration. This ensures peace of mind for operators, particularly when handling valuable payloads or operating over critical assets.


The IF1200A leads its category in flight times,, attributed to its 16000mAh Intelligent Batteries. These batteries ensure consistent flight duration regardless of payload. The IF1200A offers a maximum flight time of 43 minutes, and real-world flight times of over 30 minutes are achievable even with an 8 LBS payload.


With a built-in FPV camera, pilots can have a first-person view of the drone's surroundings in real-time. This feature enhances situational awareness, allowing for more precise control and safer operations, especially in challenging environments.


Inspired Flight Technologies partners with trusted manufacturers to offer a range of payload integrations.. With options for Optical Imaging, EO/IR solutions, LiDAR, and Specialized Solutions, the IF1200A provides a trusted platform for safely flying these valuable payloads.


Protect your drone with an annual Inspired Care Plan. These manufacturer-provided protection plans include training, discounted parts and labor, priority support, and aircraft replacement in the event of a crash.

*Inspired Care is an annual subscription per aircraft 

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