IF800 TOMCAT | Medium-lift Drone

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IF800 TOMCAT | Medium-lift Drone

Portable. Deployable Dependable 

Key Features 

- 54-Minute Max Flight Time

- Hot Swappable Intelligent Batteries 
- Blue UAS & NDAA Compliant 

- 49 MPH Max Speed 
- 6.6 LBS Max Payload 
- IP43 Rated 

Designed for industry professionals, enterprise users, and first responders, the IF800 TOMCAT sets a new standard in drone technology. Precision-engineered to perform in harsh environments, this reliable platform redefines what’s possible in aerial operations. With unmatched performance and compliance, the IF800 TOMCAT stands out as a credible alternative to DJI's M300 drones. Its state-of-the-art technology and steadfast commitment to national security make it the go-to drone for commercial and government agencies. Certified Blue UAS by the DIU, the IF800 TOMCAT ensures the highest level of data protection and operational efficiency, earning its reputation as the most trusted solution in the industry.


With a built-in FPV camera, pilots can have a first-person view of the drone's surroundings in real-time. This feature enhances situational awareness, allowing for more precise control and safer operations, especially in challenging environments.


Inspired Flight Technologies partners with trusted manufacturers to offer a range of payload integrations.. With options for Optical Imaging, EO/IR solutions, LiDAR, and Specialized Solutions, the IF800 TOMCAT provides a trusted platform for safely flying these valuable payloads.


The IF800 TOMCAT's foldable frame and removable landing gear make it compact and easy to store in its rugged hard case. The case provides ample space for accessories, batteries, and payloads, and features wheels and a retractable handle for effortless transportation.


Engineered with internal cell balancing, health monitoring, and cycle tracking, the IB388 ensures optimal flight time in demanding environments. The IB388 batteries directly communicate with the IF800 Tomcat and support NFC communication for reporting in depth status to operators without the need to power on the drone.


The IF800 TOMCAT offers a maximum flight time of 54 minutes with a dual battery system for hot-swapping, ensuring minimal downtime. With payloads like the Gremsy VIO and Sentera 65R, operators can achieve over 40 minutes of real world flight time, with sufficient battery reserve for a safe return.


The IF800 TOMCAT comes with the Blue Herelink ground control station, offering high-resolution display and ergonomic controls for precise drone control. Its reliable connectivity ensures seamless communication, enhancing operational efficiency.


The IF800 TOMCAT utilizes the trusted open-source autopilot operating system, ArduPilot, running on a CubePilot Cube Blue H7 flight management unit. This combination ensures reliable and precise flight controls, trusted by many in the industry.

Inspired Ground Control (IGC) is a purpose-built pilot control interface and mission planning application for Inspired Flight UAVs. As a branch of QGroundControl, many interfaces will be familiar, but have been streamlined for enhanced usability and efficiency.


Protect your drone with an annual Inspired Care Plan. These manufacturer-provided protection plans include training, discounted parts and labor, priority support, and aircraft replacement in the event of a crash.

*Inspired Care is an annual subscription per aircraft

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