IFT Landing Pad 5 ft

Sale price$150.00 USD


Includes: Branded IFT Landing Pad, with Travel Case

5 Ft diameter IFT Drone Launch Pad by Hoodman protects your drone from debris and dust during takeoffs and landings.


  • Keeps your camera lens and gimble clean during takeoff / landing
  • Protects rotors from tall grass and pebble strikes
  • Prevents dirt from going through motor bearings
  • Easy setup springs into shape when released from carry bag
  • Weighted perimeter keeps pad in place without stakes
  • Rugged, bright orange pad is easily found when returning to base
  • Compass heading markings
  • Collapses quickly into three circles 33% deployed size
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transport
  • Rustproof components clean up with wet towel
  • Pad visually alerts pilots in manned aircraft above a drone is flying


Landing Pad 5 foot diameter
Weight 8.2lbs 
Bag diameter 20 inches  

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